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How To Obtain Business Credit

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Don’t have money to invest, learn how to obtain business credit to use for investing in property.

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

by Rei Club

The Rei Club provides a generous amount of information on what to expect when investing in tax liens and tax deeds.

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Real estate is more than just agents selling houses. There are ways to invest in real estate to earn a monthly income and even replace your current income.  Even though there is good income in real estate, if one does not take the time to learn how to invest, you can lose money, instead of gaining money.

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Be aware of programs that promise to teach you how to invest.  Some of these programs are charging for the education, but leave you to work on your own. Make sure you understand what is being offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tax Lien?

When the county creates a tax lien, their objective is to sell the lien to an investor through a public tax sale. A tax lien occurs when the homeowner fails to pay their property tax.  The tax lien prevents the transfer of ownership.

Why are Tax Liens Sold?

Selling the lien gives the county a way to collect the delinquent property taxes immediately. The taxes are used to pay for public services, such as the fire department, police department, and road work.

What Are the Benefits of Tax Liens?

Tax lien investors earn an interest rate that accrues monthly. Every state has a tax lien system, and the interest rates are different. If the homeowner does not pay their taxes by the redemption period, the investor gets the title to the property.

What is a Tax Deed

A tax deed is a property that has been foreclosed on by the county due to delinquent taxes. To purchase a tax deed is to purchase the property.

Where Are Tax Liens and Tax Deeds Purchased?

Every state has a tax system.  Tax liens and tax deeds are purchased from the county. Each county has its own procedure. You can contact the county for a list. Some counties have a list on their website.  Some counties list the properties in the newspaper.

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